LiSEC to showcase first laminated glass line in advanced glass market

LiSEC, the reputed Austria-based manufacturer of flat glass processing machinery, has successfully developed its first laminated glass line. The company’s research team has been working continuously at its newly established competence center for laminating since September 2017, cite reports.

As per authentic sources, LiSEC has implemented a complex technology in this newly developed laminated glass line. It is being speculated that customers have been preferring LiSEC’s glass products solely due to its incorporation of a pre-lamination system with high-precision pressing force as well as a full convection system. Experts predict that on these grounds, players in advanced glass market are likely to prefer this newly developed laminated technology to fulfill the rising demands of their consumers.

The Head of the Business Unit Laminated Glass at LiSEC, Mr. Marco Bügler, had apparently claimed that this glass laminating line had been completely constructed in Austria. It has also been touted as the first step taken by the company toward the next chapter of business segment laminating. He further expressed his delight and pride at how the development team has successfully integrated such a complex technology in all the products within a short duration.

Reports cite that currently, LiSEC is offering laminated glass plants in a range of different dimensions in straight and U-shapes in advanced glass industry. Incidentally, the technological development stages can be tailored as per the consumer demands and their automation standards. According to the company’s order book, LiSEC reportedly plans to establish laminated glass plants for its customers across Vietnam, Australia, and Mexico.

Mr. Marco Bügler takes the liberty to state that the company has presented the “Made in Austria” laminated technology facility based in Lower Austria to several of its customers. Analysts are of the view that the increasing interest of advanced glass market firms in bringing about promising technologies in glass production is certain to have a considerable impact on product demand.