Hempel Paints penetrates Qatar anti-corrosion coatings market

Hempel Paints, one of the leaders in global anti-corrosion coatings market, reportedly plans to unveil various projects that would support the Qatar National Vision 2030 in Doha. The Qatar National Vision 2030, which is aimed at the human, social, economic and environmental improvement of the country, will be amply aided by Hempel Paints, primarily as a global supplier of protective and decorative anti-corrosion coatings.

Christopher Sharkey, the Country Manager of the anti-corrosion coatings industry player, has been reported to be saying that Hempel Paints is proud to work in close association with its customers to develop new solutions for satisfying their potential demands. According to Sharkey, Hempel’s presence in Doha will mean that Qatar will be provided with swift and efficient supply of full range of Hempel’s coating products. Its close proximity will also ensure effective customer support and supply of any of its products from stock or manufacturing as per requirement.

Hempel Paints has claimed that it plans to majorly support the Qatar National Vision 2030 by proactive supply of extensive range of innovative coating products and solutions to the local market. It has also supplied both onshore and offshore oil and gas industry with high performance anti corrosive coatings. The company has apparently devised plans to actively participate in developing Qatar’s infrastructure by supplying Ashghal with anti-corrosive coatings that have been designed to protect concrete bridges, steel structures, pedestrian walkways, etc.

Reports cite that Hempel Paints will also be supplying coatings to transportation centers with protective and decorative coatings. Hempel will be using its vivid color palette and high-quality coatings to ensure the long-lasting aesthetics and advanced protection of hospitals, stadiums, and other venues of public facilities, say sources. It is projected that Hempel Paints’ active participation in the Qatar National Vision 2030 will encourage other players of the anti-corrosion coatings market to come forward to do their bit in upholding the country’s mission for a better nation.