Australian Big Data setup may impact animal parasiticides sales

The Australian government has undertaken a vital initiative to implement a massive Big Data project to record clinical data from veterinary clinics, which may amount to a rather sufficient research information registry on animal diseases and treatment. Reports cite that in a bid to promote the VetCompass program, the Australian government has supported the project through Equipment Fund and Linkage Infrastructure of Australian Research Council.Currently, the system aims to host 200 million animal records, which experts cite, would increase the awareness levels regarding the prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of animal diseases. It has further been stated that in consequence, this awareness would lead to an increase in the sales of injectables and additives, thereby stimulating animal parasiticides market.

Sources claim that so far, VetCompass has successfully convinced 180 Australian veterinary clinics and seven veterinary schools to participate in this project.

The database recorded in Big Data project is likely to help veterinary practitioners and researchers to analyze clinical data, which would reportedly unveil geographical trends in the occurrence of acquired and inherited diseases, clinical auditing, and frequently prescribed treatments. The system is inclusive of automated transmission and the de-identification of veterinary clinical data into a centralized resource, which analysts claim might help manufacturers in animal parasiticides market to develop effective solutions for animal diseases.

The project has received wholehearted support from one of popularly recognized veterinary specialists at the University of Sydney, Professor Paul McGreevy and his research colleagues. The professor was quoted stating that the program possesses astounding ability to gather veterinary relevant clinical records, which will generate attractive opportunities for researchers to develop improved healthcare solutions for companion animals.

For the record, the implementation of the Big Data project across Australia is reported to progress through three development phases – the roll-out of VetCompass, data presentation, and creation of real time surveillance interface incorporated with natural language processing technology. VetCompass, say experts, is an apt instance demonstrating the role that big data plays in transforming animal parasiticides market trends.