Automotive radar market witnesses UPS’s anti-collision tech investment

UPS Inc., one of the largest automotive and transportation industry giants, has made it to the headlines with its announcement of incorporating more than 5700 of its current Class 8 tractors with an advanced collision avoidance technology. The Atlanta-based logistics giant has conveniently raised the bar for other automotive companies with regards to collision mitigation, which may reportedly have quite an impact on automotive radar market.

UPS, reputed for operating one of the largest commercial truck fleets in the United States, may have just bowled a googly to the players in the automotive and transportation market with its decision of investing in anti-collision technology. As per reports, the company’s advanced collision mitigation technology that it plans to introduce in more than 60% of its tractor-trailer fleet (5700 out of 11000 vehicles) promptly alerts drivers regarding stationary and moving objects in front of the vehicle as well as the moving objects surrounding the vehicle.

Sources claim that UPS’s technology provides electronic stability control, lane departure and blind spot warnings, and forward collision warnings with automatic brake application. As per analysts, these assistance technologies majorly constitute the application spectrum of automotive radar market. UPS representatives state that while drivers would be in full control of their vehicles, the incorporation of these technologies would complement safe driving practices, thereby avoiding accidents.

Sources also state that the advanced collision mitigation technology is designed to provide an adaptive cruise control feature that would aid drivers in maintaining a consistence distance around the vehicle. Furthermore, this feature would enable the system to automatically slow down the vehicle for lowering collision risks and would substantially enhance the fuel economy by means of lowering the traffic-induced accordion effect.

As per analysts, UPS’s plans to introduce major anti-collision systems in most of its vehicles would have a powerful impact on automotive radar market, given that the technologies to be integrated in its vehicles comprise the application landscape of automotive radar market.

For the record, UPS also plans to construct a facility worth USD 90 million for package distribution, in Aurora, Denver.