Nuritas-Nestle deal marks major significance in biotechnology market

Irish biotech company Nuritas is apparently joining forces with food industry giant Nestle to discover target area specified bioactive peptide networks. In order to assure that the collaboration will bring renewed success to biotechnology industry, Nuritas will deploy its novel and award-winning technology platform for the research. This platform uses DNA analysis and AI to unlock, predict and validate the effectiveness of these peptides obtained entirely from natural food sources. For its part, Nestle will use its commendable scientific know-how and application expertise to validate the efficiency of the new discoveries within the target areas.

The DNA and AI based platform developed by Nuritas will facilitate time and cost-cutting in the discovery of new ingredients that will be used for disease prevention and health promotion. The currently used methods of identification are time consuming and often ineffective and expensive, on the grounds of which Nuritas’s platform is expected to gain more of an edge in biotechnology market.

According to the Food & Drink International, the Irish entrepreneur and Nuritas chief scientific officer Nora Khaldi has expressed delight at being able to be a part of the collaboration with Nestle on such an important project. He expects the project to have a notable impact on biotechnology industry and believes that it would align with the firm’s mission of positively influencing the lives of billions of people worldwide.

Richard Stadler of the Nestle Research Centre has been quoted stating that the research into discovering new biopeptides will be facilitated by Nestle’s wide understanding of nutrition and food and its global research and development network. Stadler went on to add that Nestle’s aim to achieve a healthier future will be achieved through this prospective research by Nuritas.

Nuriats CEO Emmet Browne has also claimed that the collaboration, if fruitful, will have a transformational impact on biotechnology industry.

For the record, Nuritas has also partnered with BASF Human Nutrition in the past to focus on the discovery of food derived, natural, beneficial and patented peptide networks.