NYPA’s solar panel project to boost building thermal insulation market

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) has reportedly installed close to 947 solar energy panels on the main roof of the Borough of Manhattan Community College’s 199 Chambers Street building spanning four blocks. Reports state that NYPA’s initiative would mark major significance in building thermal insulation market, given that the project is targeted at achieving sustainable insulation.

The mega-project has apparently been touted as an intense JV between the BMCC/CUNY and the New York Power Authority’s Energy Services Program, and is a part of a higher goal to lower BMCC’s utility costs, reduce carbon footprints, and enhance energy efficiency. Furthermore, it has also been reported to be a part of NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo’s efforts to raise the scope of solar energy deployment in the state and pave the path for a sustainable future. Cuomo’s vision seems to be the go-to path for most state-owned governmental bodies and regulatory organizations, which in a way, would be a driving force for building thermal insulation industry in the future, cite analysts.

For the record, the project encompasses 327 W three-foot panels that are vertically suspended on the cooling tower enclosure walls and lie flat on the western lower roof that faces the Hudson River. The positioning ensures maximum exposure to the sun. Apparently, every one of the solar panels comprises 96 cells that will supposedly absorb the sun’s rays, post which the rays would be fed to an inverter designed to convert light to electricity. The power so produced is expected to electrify the Chambers Street building first, while excess power generated would be distributed to the NY City power grid. Experts state that as more and more buildings are embedded with solar panels, it would solve the issue of building insulation, inherently augmenting the commercialization potential of building thermal insulation market.

NYPA’s project has been grabbing eyeballs lately in the regional building thermal insulation market. The initiative is apparently headed by the The Fulcrum Group, which had signed contracts with Maric Mechanical and Solar Liberty to take charge of the PV system installation.