CASIC’s satellite networks to boost tactical communications in China

The China tactical communications industry is ablaze with the latest announcement from the State-owned China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation (CASIC) to set up a satellite company that can create a global platform for the Internet of Things(IoT). Sources familiar with the matter reveal that this move by CASIC is expected to fit well into China’s mainstream goal of commercial space development.

According to official statements, the new entity is likely to oversee the low-earth-orbit satellite and form a narrow-band communications network that could improve telecommunication and internet access in remote areas and at sea. Moreover, the new satellite is also expected to allow internet access anywhere on the planet, including ships and airplanes. Industry experts reveal that CASIC’s work on developing a low-earth-orbit satellite will provide a push to the regional tactical communications market, as small and lower level satellites are quite easy to mass produce and can also be easily upgraded at low costs. In addition, the low-earth-orbit also helps in preventing signal delays.

For the uninitiated, CASIC is large state-owned enterprise that is under the direct administration of the Chinese central government. The company, having renowned as one of most advanced players of the regional tactical communications industry, has developed hi-tech products in information technology, aerospace defense, and equipment manufacturing. Reliable records validate the company’s contribution in the hi-end technology space – the CASIC institute had reportedly developed China’s first reflection-control equipment for optical communications which could enable the change in laser directions, without having to change the satellite’s position.

The first satellite under the project is expected to be launched before 2018 and four more satellites are anticipated to be launched by 2020, cite sources.

Further eyeing the commercial end of the global communications sector, China’s largest tactical communications market player has announced its plan to develop a network of 156 mini-satellites that would facilitate global broadband coverage. Reportedly, all the 156 satellites are projected to be in operation toward the end of the Chinese 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025).