CFS targets integrated policy approach to achieve clinical nutrition

The 44th Session of the CFS (Committee on World Food Security) – Making a Difference in Food Security and Nutrition witnessed the advocacy of fresh recommendations with regards to the role that sustainable forestry plays in achieving food nutrition and security. According to sources, the recommendations were targeted on the creation of an integrated policy approach for reinforcing cross-sectoral coordination so that the disciplines of agriculture, forestry, and water and food security and nutrition are effectively tackled. Furthermore, the session apparently also focused on rural development and urbanization, and plans to develop a platform so that stakeholders could jointly work instead of approaching rural development and urbanization as two separate entities.

Experts cite that one of the primary reasons for the CFS session to have targeted conjoint work on rural and urban development is the current backdrop of an increasingly urbanized community, rapidly shifting food preferences, and changing food systems, which have had a considerable impact on clinical nutrition market. Statistics report that the urban populace would rise from 50% to 66% by 2050. In a bid to deal with the existing problems of malnutrition, obesity, and metabolic disorders, the committee has planned to explore the effects of an urban atmosphere on low-income households. Additionally, it aims to increase the participation of women and youth in food system development, targeting health issues such as malnutrition, which would most certainly influence clinical nutrition industry.

The session witnessed one full day focusing on nutrition, which oversaw many presentations demonstrated by small-scale African farmers, the private sector, and civil society participants, targeted toward practices of healthy food systems.

CFS’ policy approach concentrating on food and nutrition security is liable to augment the product landscape of clinical nutrition market. Most of the stakeholders attending the session stressed on the significance of the CFS policy guidance, which, as per reports, will make a major difference in the ability of the governments to accomplish Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).