WuXi-Mayo JV to widen scope of China esoteric testing market

In an effort to deliver clinical diagnostic services across China, the WuXi AppTec Group and Mayo Clinic have launched a collaborative venture which is expected to accelerate the expanse of China esoteric testing market. With the combination of WuXi AppTec’s operational fineness and Mayo Medical Laboratories’ clinical testing proficiency, this joint venture is expected to provide stimulus to the esoteric testing market in China, as per experts.

Jason Liu, the senior vice president of WuXi AppTec has reportedly said that WuXi AppTec is excited regarding his deal, given that it would bring world class, innovative diagnostic testing to China. The joint venture is apparently in line with WuXi AppTec’s mission to introduce the best testing solutions to China through Mayo Clinic’s extensive research and clinical practice. Jason Liu is hopeful that Mayo Clinic will help transform China’s diagnostic situation and patient care quality while fine-tuning medical precision in the country. With the advancements in the diagnostic space, the esoteric testing market is also overt to witness profitable upsurge in the coming years, state analysts.

WuXi AppTec Chairman Dr. Ge Li also held an optimistic view of the collaboration as he had been reported saying that the Mayo-WuXi collaboration will be the first step towards WuXi AppTec’s dream of establishing that there is no disease that cannot be treated and there is no drug that cannot be manufactured through appreciable research.

William Morice, President of Mayo Medical Laboratories hailed the collaboration and stated that the exclusive partnership will grant permission to WuXi to access all Mayo-developed tests and use them for the benefit of all Chinese hospitals and health care providers.

WuXi AppTec, one of the leading pharmaceutical and medical device open-access capability and technology platform company will be looking to expand China esoteric testing market with this collaboration. For the record, The Mayo Clinic Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology and its reference laboratory Mayo Medical Laboratories launch more than 100 new tests annually and provide advanced laboratory testing services to more than 4,000 medical care firms.