Anexinet’s ListenLogic upgradation to impact cloud NLP market trends

Anexinet Corporation, a renowned provider of digital business solutions in the global sustainable & smart technologies market has recently announced the release of ListenLogic 3.0. Reportedly, the channel has been upgraded with more than 20 new enhancements to gather data more efficiently across the social media posts, contact center records, marketing surveys, and email conversations to return meaningful business insights.

Reports reveal the latest upgradation comprises the latest AI (artificial intelligence) and ensemble machine learning methods, classification engine and self-service filtering language, and advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology that enables quick examination of unstructured data with accuracy.

Industry experts reveal that Anexinet’s upgradation of advanced analytics in ListenLogic would most certainly prompt renowned cloud natural language processing market players to invest in research and development programs and launch new products. Anexinet’s upgradation is also likely to leave a substantial impact on the cloud NLP market, with NLP technology being one of the prominent features of Listenlogic.

Analysts are of the opinion that the increasing investments in AI technology and machine learning capabilities have been the chief factors driving cloud NLP market, which as per reliable reports is anticipated to witness a double-digit growth rate.

According to sources, ListenLogic now uses automatic identification of patterns and trends to bring meaning to omni-channel customer feedback data, which otherwise are highly obscured due to massive unstructured information across multiple systems. Mark Langsfeld, Vice President of Analytics Solutions at Anexinet, was reported saying that the modern omnichannel insights help in framing how the organization transforms itself by taking note of every customer interaction. Anexinet in this regard brings the solutions that ensure omnichannel insights, reduce customer churn, grow sales, ensure compliance and drive contact center efficiency.

Sources believe that several contact centers can now boost their customer experience using the new AI filtering capability of ListenLogic that transforms datasets into actionable insights.