Letco-ARL to launch new program in compounding pharmacies market

ARL Bio Pharma and Letco Medical, two of the most renowned names in the healthcare industry, have reportedly entered into a strategic partnership. Sources state that this agreement has been signed with an intention to help pharmacies in the United States take full advantage of compounding as a profit center, to deliver state-of-the-art laboratory services to compounding pharmacies industry players at reduced costs.

According to reports, the duo is expected to soon launch their joint ‘Quality Savings Program’ that is designed to reduce the cost of laboratory services by 20%. Experts view this program of utilizing the combined services of Letco & ARL to be the first of its kind in the compounding pharmacies market.

For the record, Letco Medical L.L.C., with a dedicated focus in U.S. compounding pharmacies market, provides a wide-ranging portfolio of safe, compounding supplies & equipment, and top-quality chemicals at highly competitive prices. ARL Bio Pharma, on the other hand, provides analytical and microbiological testing services for compounding pharmacies, health-system pharmacies, and outsourcing facilities. Reliable sources cite that Letco & ARL, both have the expertise and resources to provide cost competitive and pharmaceutical testing needs.

Gregory Lake, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer in Letco Medical, was quoted stating that the company is more than excited to bring innovative new programs to the compounding pharmacies industry that continues to improve customer profitability. ARL’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Thomas C. Kupiec, commented that the partnership between the two companies has set an example of great collaboration leading to cost effective solutions in compounding pharmacies market.

Combining both Letco and ARL’s unparalleled reputations in delivering top quality products and laboratory services, industry analysts speculate that through this unique partnership, Letco customers will have effortless access to experts at ARL and can further qualify for testing concessions from ARL, and rebates in the form of store credits from Letco.