Drone traffic management system debuts in Europe geofencing market

AirMap, the global airspace management platform for drones, in association with Skyguide, the Swiss air navigation provider, has developed a drone traffic management system. Apparently, this is the first drone traffic management system to mark its entry in Europe geofencing market.

The pilot phase for this system will be launched later in 2018 in which AirMap and Skyguide will assimilate the AirMap UTM platform with the infrastructural design of Skyguide. Through this, an automated flight authorization system will be introduced in a unified airspace environment. A roadmap developed for the Swiss U-space (Europe’s vision for the drone ecosystem) is also underway that will set the stage for operational drone traffic management in 2019. Swiss U-space includes features such as dynamic geofencing, block chained registration for drones and users, real time traffic alerts and communication between drone pilots to ensure that all drone and missions can safely take place in the Swiss airspace, thus paving the way for the expansion of geofencing industry.

Klaus Meier, the Chief Information Officer of Skyguide reportedly expressed his expectations from the collaboration. He stated that the AirMap UTM platform has promising prospects to meet the high standards required for the Swiss U-space. Christian Hegner, the Director General of Switzerland Federal Office of Civil Aviation also expressed satisfaction over the step taken to tackle the challenges faced by drones in the European air space. He added that the establishment of U-space will act as a key to improving drone operations and safety. A seamless cooperation among partners involved in the process is crucial to the success of the objectives, he said.

Swiss U-space will predictably act as a powerful catalyst for Switzerland geofencing market and drone economy. Incidentally, Switzerland is the home for one of the world’s largest communities of drones and boasts of the first autonomous drone delivery network.