Telematics-Arad $72mn contract to boost global smart sensor market

One of the most sensational scoops of recent times, that has caused ripples in the smart sensor market is that of Telematics Wireless, the electronic arm of Singapore Technologies Electronics (ST Electronics), having bagged a $72 million contract with Arad Technologies of Israel. Telematics Wireless will apparently be supplying Arad Technologies, which is one of the leading wireless automatic meter manufacturers of Israel, with a smart sensor network. Reports state that this is one of the largest contracts awarded in the smart sensor market in the last quarter of 2017.

According to the contract, Telematics Wireless will be responsible for supplying Arad Technologies with AMR radio transceivers for the next 6 years, which the company will deploy across the global smart sensor market with its AMR solutions together with its smart management software. Indeed, say experts, this would help in providing accurate monitoring of vital utility signals and alerting utility providers promptly about faults and leakages.

ST Electronics claims that the AMR radio transceivers it manufactures can operate for up to 10 years using only the internal battery and are efficient in resisting radio interference. It has also been reported that radio transceivers are designed to be self-sufficient by the incorporated battery, antennae and all electronic components in the meter register which forfeits the need of external wires, thus reducing installation and maintenance expenditures.

Reliable sources have reported Ravinder Singh, the president of ST Electronics, to have expressed pleasure at succeeding to acquire the contract. He was in fact, even quoted stating that ST Electronics is delighted with this collaboration with Arad Technologies to transform cities and assist in smart city planning with its efficient and advanced technologies, inclusive of embedded advanced technology in water resource management systems that improve cost effective city planning.

For the record, when the Telematics Wireless deployment will be complete by 2021, these sensors will join the ranks of the other 15 million wireless sensors that are already installed across major cities, providing a further boost to the global smart sensor market.