KardiaBand to stir a storm in healthcare AI market post FDA clearance

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reportedly given the green signal for the first medical accessory that would be embedded in the Apple Watch. As per sources, this device has been manufactured by AliveCor, and is called KardiaBand. Essentially an electrocardiogram (EKG) reader, KardiaBand it is said, is a sensor that is paired with an app and can detect atrial fibrillation (AFib) and abnormal heart rhythm with near accuracy. Apparently, when the sensor detects the user’s touch, it snaps into a slot on the band of the watch and obtains an EKG reading in 30 seconds, the recording of which can later be sent to the medical expert. As per experts, the KardiaBand is touted to emerge as one of the most trend-setting devices in healthcare artificial intelligence market.

Reports claim that by means of artificial intelligence technology, the KardiaBand would be able to predict and analyze a patient’s heart rate – primarily depending on the data from sick as well as healthy people. No generic range is applied apparently, as the sensor detects what is abnormal for the patient. In this regard, medical experts state that a device such as KardiaBand is most likely to significantly impact the product landscape of healthcare artificial intelligence industry, given that it plays a pivotal role in faster abnormality diagnosis, post which it would warn medical care professionals if a life-threatening issue is identified.

Reportedly AliveCor has also announced a new feature in the Kardia app called SmartRhythm, that deploys AI for analyzing data from the watch’s heart rate and activity sensors. Further on, the app evaluates the correlation between heart rate and activity and alerts users for another EKG reading if the first appears abnormal.

For the record, KardiaBand currently, is available for USD 199, and users would need to subscribe to AliveCor’s premium service, for an investment of USD 99 annually. The healthcare artificial intelligence market minor reportedly also has another EKG reading device called the KardiaMobile, which is attached to the back of the user’s smartphone.