Oticon launches ConnectClip device in hearing amplifiers market

Oticon, a Copenhagen-based manufacturer of hearing aid devices has recently announced that it plans to have its ConnectClip device debut in hearing amplifiers market. Apparently, the device is designed to improve the overall performance of its Opn hearing aids when connected with the internet.

Reports reveal that ConnectClip is a very light weight intermediate device, which, when synced with the Opn hearing aids, enables the device to function as a wireless Bluetooth headset for the Android and Apple devices. The new device features a built-in microphone that not only allows the users to be hand-free when on the phone, but also aids hearing in classrooms, lecture halls, and other noisy environments.

The company revealed that the new device is powered by the Bluetooth technology to stream voices from the user’s phones to the Opn hearing aids. The remote microphone transmits the user’s voice in turn eliminating the need for the traditional wire free headsets.

Sources also reveal that Oticon’s noise reduction technology, when combined with ConnectClip’s directional microphone will help hearing aid users to manage distant speakers in complex and noisy hearing situations.

Industry experts speculate this new product launch to further strengthen Oticon’s foothold in the hearing amplifiers market. The dramatic rise in the worldwide geriatric population and the growing prevalence of hearing loss disorders have prompted the hearing amplifiers industry players to come up with technologically advanced and innovative devices, cite analysts.

In a company statement, Sheena Oliver, VP of marketing at Oticon, was quoted stating that Oticon is constantly making efforts to bring forth more convenience and functionality to people wearing hearing aids. She further added that the ConnectClip will be easily connected to the Opn hearing aids allowing the user to connect it with the smartphones, listen to speakers at a distance, and make hands-free phone calls.