AIDS Flagship project launched in Myanmar HIV diagnostics market

In the light of the rising cases of HIV, the Global New Light of Myanmar has apparently introduced an HIV/AIDS Flagship program in the regional HIV diagnostics market. If sources are to be believed, this project is slated to be implemented across regions that have earlier depicted the highest rate of HIV infection.

Myanmar’s HIV project reportedly aims to expand the prevention tactics, testing methodologies, and treatment facilities for HIV. These aims are to be achieved through substantial help from private sector health service providers as well as non-governmental organizations and are specifically targeted toward the populace exposed to a larger HIV risk percentage – transgenders, sex workers, and chronic drug addicts.

Incidentally, the rate of patients afflicted with HIV has dropped by around 26% in 2016 from what it was in 2010. The death proportion driven by AIDS has also reduced by 52%. Medical experts deem these estimates to have positively reinforced the regional HIV diagnostics industry. Indeed, they also claim that Myanmar’s decision to launch the HIV project may have come along the heels of completely eliminating the risk factor of AIDS in the country.

Myanmar’s launch of this flagship HIV project has been financially backed by the USAID (United States Agency for International Development). The project has been provided a funding of USD 10 million so far, claim sources. Spanning over 24 months, the UHF program will be launched principally across the Yangon, Mandalay, and Sagaing regions and the states of Shan and Kachin.

The funds reportedly, are to be used for the development of new outreach & adherence strategies, mental health counselling, research on the transgender populace, and the common elements treatment approach. UHF’s strategies, as per medical experts, are likely to have a considerable impact on the regional HIV diagnostics market over 2018-2019.

For the record, close to 224,794 people have been estimated to be infected with HIV in Myanmar. The nation has been ranked on the 25th spot on the list of countries across the globe that depict a high proportion of HIV prevalence.