Home infusion therapy market to benefit via federal support

Medicare patients who depend on receiving medical attention in their own homes can now rejoice, as a new bill has made headway. Reportedly, the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives have included part payment for home infusion in the government spending bill, a move that is certain to propel the regional home infusion therapy market.

For the record, there had been a year-long funding interruption that has burdened patients and home infusion therapy providers, a gap that the Congress had been requested to address. According to HME News, Tyler Wilson, President of the National Home Infusion Association, advocated the budget deal and said that it makes more sense for patients to receive care at home beside being convenient and preferable. He added that patients whose state is already fragile can be further compromised if they are forced to stay in a hospital, with hundreds of other patients afflicted with numerous other diseases. Quite the contrary, if patients receive government support to obtain the same medical care in their homes, then they can have better chances of recovery while avoiding expensive hospital bills, he says. Wilson pointed out that while admission to hospital can cost a patient $10000, they can receive the same care at home for $150 a day.

Home infusion therapy market players have long since been waiting for such a move, apparently. For the 25,000 Medicare patients prone to life threatening infections which are easily picked up at any hospital, access to home-based care betters their chances of recovery and survival.

For the record, Federal support for home infusion therapy was stopped in 2017 which caused a sharp drop in reimbursement and put a genuine squeeze on the $14 billion home infusion therapy market. In 2021 a permanent plan for these services is supposed to be implemented, however, Senate leaders will have to deal with the funding gap through the two-year budget plan prior to the same.