Hybrid solar wind market witnesses the launch of Gullen Solar project

Amidst a recent turn of events unfolding in the hybrid solar wind industry, the Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy has officially launched Australia’s first co-located renewable solar and wind farm – Gullen Solar Farm.

According to reports, the 28-hectare solar farm is located at the New South Wales Southern Tablelands and has been conjointly owned by the Goldwind (Capital) Australia and BJCE, financed by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

If sources are to be believed, the hybrid solar wind farm consists of over 42,000 solar panels that generate enough electricity to power more than 3,100 households on an average day of sunlight.

The launch of the solar farm has provided a major boost to the regional hybrid solar wind market, claim experts. They further state that the rising demand for clean fuel electricity and stringent government norms to reduce the alarming rise of greenhouse gas emissions have stimulated the growth of hybrid solar wind industry in the region.

The success of the Gullen Solar Farm, as per industry analysts, marks an important milestone in the growth dynamics of the Australia hybrid solar wind industry.

In a statement, Weiwei Shi, BJCE Australia general manager, the demonstration of the Gullen Solar Farm project is a significant moment for the clean energy in Australia. The project clearly depicts the advantages of co-locating energy farms & infrastructure that have effectively resulted into reducing costs and the environmental impact due to GHG emissions.

The 10 MW Gullen Solar Farm is touted to be the first of the 7 large-scale solar projects that are expected to be operational this year, according to the NSW Energy & Utilities Minister Don Harwin. Experts further deem that the successful completion of the Gullen Solar Farm project will in turn favor the regional hybrid solar wind market players as the project has laid the ground work for more installations of solar plants to be built together with wind farms in other areas of Australia.