VolitionRX trial may impact in-vitro CRC screening tests market growth

VolitionRX, the multinational life sciences company that has been developing simple blood-based tests to accurately diagnose a range of cancers, has recently announced the interim results for the first asymptomatic colorectal cancer (CRC). Encompassing 680 Danish national subjects, the trial was carried out in collaboration with the Hvidovre Hospital, University of Copenhagen of Denmark.

As per reports, the results demonstrated that considering the subject’s age and smoking history, a panel of three ELISA assays was able to detect 80% Stage I CRC cases and 78% High-Risk Adenomas (HRA) cases. Experts deem this success with CRC diagnosis to have a positive impact on the commercialization scale of in-vitro colorectal cancer screening tests industry as well.

For the record, colorectal cancer is one of the most preventable kinds of cancer but remains plausibly dangerous owing to the lack of early detection techniques. According to the American Cancer Society the survival rate for CRC is 65% at all stages and when detected at Stage I, the five-year survival rate is approximately 90%. Diagnosis of pre-cancer conditions like High-Risk Adenomas can also result in cancer-free survival. Medical industry analysts, on these grounds, categorically claim that VolitionRX’s success in this detection method can have far reaching effects on in-vitro colorectal cancer screening tests market, especially as it would encourage other companies to expand the scope of their cancer treatment trials. The CEO of Volition, Cameron Reynolds has been reported to comment that the further development of Nu.QTM panel by Volition can form the basis of CRC tests in the future.

Volition’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Jake Micallef has also affirmed that Volition will soon embark on the next stage of assay development that will run parallel to the Nu.QTM Frontline Asymptomatic CRC Screening Test. By the second half of 2018, Volition expects to release a study result conducted on 12,000+ subjects that will form the basis for EU claims. The proposed commercialization of the Nu.QTM Frontline Asymptomatic CRC Screening Test is likely to profitably influence in-vitro colorectal cancer screening tests market share, claim experts.