Progress to release cloud platform for IoT healthcare market firms

The latest news unfolding in IoT healthcare industry is that of Progress, a prominent provider of app development as well as deployment technologies, announcing the launch of its cloud platform called Progress Health Cloud. According to sources, Progress Health Cloud is touted to be the foremost and only enterprise health cloud that completely integrates data connectivity, back-end, and front-end technologies into a HIPAA-compliant and server-less platform.

For the record, Progress has built its Health Cloud on the server-less cloud platform – Progress Kinvey and include components of NativeScript that can be easily integrated with cross platform mobile applications. Other eye-catching features of Progress Health Cloud reportedly include cloud service accelerators, out of the box HIPAA compliance, digital experience accelerators, and a health and service catalog.

Reportedly, the Health Cloud will enable several healthcare organizations to quickly create patient and connected healthcare applications to devices by offering tools to easily drive improved patient care and better healthcare outcomes. Health Cloud comes equipped with healthcare application templates and pre-packaged integrations with EHRs and other healthcare data sources.

Industry analysts predict the release of Progress Health Cloud to majorly disrupt the trends of IoT healthcare market by providing unified digital health experiences in the form of mobile, web, wearable, tablet, and chat bot applications. Moreover, the cloud platform is further likely to deliver best app experiences, cut EHR integration time in half, lower total cost of ownership for applications by 60%, get to market 75% faster with new applications, and save several dollars per year in compliance costs. Experts claim that Progress’s led in launching this health cloud platform would mark a notable development for IoT healthcare industry players.

With patient care and healthcare outcomes being the top priorities of healthcare organizations today, experts predict the Progress Health Cloud to be by far the most robust, relevant, and effective offering available.