Kyocera to build ceramic plant in Kagoshima, opening scheduled in 2019

Kyocera Corporation, one of the most influential Japan-based ceramics & electronic component developer, has reportedly declared the construction of a new ceramic plant. Sources claim that this plant will be established at the firm’s Kagoshima Sendai manufacturing complex and would focus on increasing the production of ceramic packages.

For the uninitiated, Kyocera has its roots in ceramic production – the company’s name itself has been derived from ‘Kyoto’ and ‘ceramic’. Kyocera commenced the production of ceramic insulators to be used in television picture tubes in the year 1959, post which it emerged as a global leader in fine ceramic production. Renowned for manufacturing ceramics for electronic components, LCD/LED parts, and semiconductor process components, Kyocera apparently, holds a pivotal place in the regional fluorspar market.

Reports cite that with regards to establishing the latest ceramic plant, the company has inked a site location agreement with the regional governments. The official signing ceremony had been held in the presence of the firm’s President Hideo Tanimoto, the governor of Kagoshima Prefecture, and the mayor of Satsumasendai and Kyocera.

Reportedly, this new facility has been touted to bring forth a 25% upsurge in the firm’s overall production capacity for ceramic packages. Sources say that these packages are the ones that are deployed to house complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS*2) image sensors and surface-mount device (SMD*1) electronic devices. According to industry experts, Kyocera’s effort to ramp up ceramic production is certain to push its stance a notch higher in Japan fluorspar industry, given that fluorspar is extensively used in ceramic manufacturing.

Kyocera’s Sendai facility has also been speculated to increase the firm’s ceramic package manufacturing capacity for automotive and medical devices, further widening the scope for Kyocera to increase its reach across the regional fluorspar market.

For the record, the construction of this new plant will commence this month and may be operational by the end of August 2019. Incidentally, this would be the firm’s 22nd facility at the manufacturing complex at Kagoshima Sendai.