Lyft to soon launch electric scooter service in San Francisco

Ride-hailing industry major Lyft has reportedly announced that it will be soon launching its own fleet of electric scooters in San Francisco. As per sources, Lyft will be joining the likes of Bird, Lime, and Spin that deployed their electric scooters in San Francisco recently in the month of March.

Lyft has been in talks with the San Francisco city officials for permits and has already drafted prototypes of designs.

For the record, the electric scooter craze has erupted in San Francisco since the last several months. The city has emerged as an important center as it does not have any tight laws to regulate small electric scooters. This has in turn given the startups including Lime and Bird an opportunity to establish their businesses. However, sources cite that lack of specific guidelines has also created unnecessary havoc in the city.

If reports are to be believed, electric motorcycles & scooters industry companies that are willing to run the service will need proper authorization and will need to abide by some terms & conditions. For instance, the participating companies will need to prove that they are reminding users to travel on the road, wear helmets, and teach riders how to park the electric scooters.

The move significantly demonstrates the robust growth of electric motorcycles and scooters market in the region, deem industry experts. The favorable regional policies have further set the stage for existing as well as new coming electric motorcycles & scooters industry players to make hefty investments in the region.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is yet to finalize the application and terms, but sources revealed that the permit application should be ready as soon as this week. According to reports, the city will witness the issuing of permits to not more than five companies during the first-year pilot program. The program would grant up to 2,500 scooters to operate, however there has been no clarity on exactly how many scooters each company would be allowed to deploy.