Bio-on and AkzoNobel’s collaboration to impact marine coatings market

Two of the renowned names in the global bulk and specialty chemicals industry, AkzoNobel and Bio-on, have recently declared to continue their partnership beyond the completion of the SEAFRONT (Synergistic Fouling Control Technologies) project. Sources revealed that the two companies have obtained outstanding results during the implementation of the SEAFRONT Project – sponsored by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission.

For the record, the project SEAFRONT initiated in 2014, witnessed the participation of several companies and knowledge that worked together on anti-fouling solutions for numerous applications in marine coatings market. The consortium working together on the same, according to reports, has successfully achieved the main objective of the project that included creating surfaces that reduced hydrodynamic drag by 5%. In the backdrop, Bio-on and AkzoNobel were reported to have generated some excellent results using bio-based polymers for developing new anti-fouling coatings.

Given the promising results of their combined work at the projects, reports state that both the entities have decide to continue their research & development activities and further work on new formulations as well as on the already developed systems. Now, sources familiar with the matter have affirmed that the extension of the partnership between the two will lead to further investigation in the use of Bio-on’s bio-based and biodegradable polymers as effective components in anti-fouling coatings that effectively prevent marine organism buildup on tidal power plants, ships, boats, and other in-water installations. Experts speculate this collaborative move to majorly uplift the product portfolio of the company enabling it to enter the top-selling product list in marine coatings industry.

Further commenting on this strategically attractive partnership, David Williams, R&D Director for Marine Coatings, AkzoNobel, was quoted stating that the Bio-on’s presence will offer AkzoNoble the potential to work on the development of new bio-based products, in turn strengthening the company’s position in high performance marine coatings market.