SPARC’s funding depicts R&D developments in medical electronics market

Blackfynn, a Philadelphia-based life sciences data analytics startup has recently developed a new data analytics tool for research in neuroscience. Reportedly, the company, which is also planning to enter the medical electronics market has received USD 2.3 million in funding from the Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions (SPARC).

Reports state Blackfynn was one among the three firms receiving this funding from the National Institutes of Health’s Common Fund program – SPARC. On winning the funding award, Blackfynn announced that it will develop the Data Core for the entire SPARC Consortium.

For the record, the goal of SPARC is to bring forth advancements in the peripheral neuromodulation field toward precision medicine, apparently by breaking down the complexities of nerve-organ interactions, by making it much simpler to understand. Sources reveal that SPARC has selected Blackfynn to enable the mechanistic development of next-gen therapeutic devices and thus disrupt the medical electronics market by providing new options across a wide range of diseases and conditions.

Meanwhile, to extend its position as the leading data platform for neurology and neuroscience, Blackfynn has actively announced series of new partnerships and strategic initiatives. Reports claim that the company is collaborating with Medtronic – one of the most popular medical electronics industry giants, to understand neurosignals that would later help the company in the treatment of neurological conditions such as epilepsy.

In other news, Blackfynn is joining forces with a medical device company Moberg ICS Solutions to work on real-time patient monitoring and other physiological data. The combined Blackfynn – Moberg platforms will be able to use data to spot patterns and generate insights on disease progression.

Blackfynn has a broad application in drug development, medical devices, and patient care. It wouldn’t be incorrect to state that the company is pursuing expansion in each of these areas. The company’s expertise and collaboration strategies in the field of neuromodulation are thus giving it a unique competitive advantage in the overall medical fraternity, cite sources.