Medical X-ray market witnesses Guerbet’s buyout of Accurate Medical

Guerbet, the France based medical imaging firm, apparently, has declared its plan of making deeper inroads in medical X-ray market. Sources claim, the Villepinte headquartered global imaging specialist has inked an agreement with Accurate Medical Therapeutics in a bid to enhance its business portfolio in interventional radiology. Reportedly, Guerbet would make an initial investment of €19.5 million for the procurement, in addition to other payments spread over years with regards to the commercial and regulatory objectives achieved by the Israel based unicorn.

For the uninitiated, established in 2015, the Tel-Aviv based startup, Accurate   Medical, boasts of a product portfolio of microcatheters that are usually deployed in embolization procedures for detecting vascular aneurysms and tumors. These medical equipment, for the record, have already received a green signal from the European and U.S. health regulatory bodies. Experts claim, this Israel based microcatheter specialist has managed to grab much an attention in medical X-ray market lately, with its interventional radiology field.

Speaking along similar lines, these tech juggernauts further believe, Guerbet’s decision of acquiring Accurate Medical would not only prove to be fruitful for the former with regards to its enhancement of current product portfolio, but also would transform the outlook of medical X-ray industry. Interventional radiology which is presently a novice in the healthcare domain, necessitates the requirement of these small diameter catheters for minimally invasive treatments. Big shots of Guerbet are also quite apprehensive about the ongoing deal, claiming that these range of microcatheters would fuel the company’s growth prospect in interventional radiology. As anticipated by the higher officials, Accurate Medical’s range of microcatheters would allow Guerbet deliver an enhanced quality of care during image-guided embolization techniques.

Though not yet finalized, the total enterprise value of the deal, in all likeliness, would not exceed a valuation of €57 million, cite sources.