Komatsu to reinforce mining equipment market demand with IIoT

The Japanese mining equipment industry major, Komatsu, has recently teamed up with Cloudera Inc., and Microsoft Azure to develop its Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) analytics platform. Reportedly, Cloudera announced that Komatsu is embarking on some of its novel IoT platforms to achieve “connected” production and equipment handling at all production stages.

Experts claim that a platform of this kind that allows real-time connection, will help the mining equipment market player to easily monitor the performance of some of the largest equipment used in underground and surface mining, deliver essential resources, as well as enhance asset utilization and overall productivity.

For the record, since the fiscal year 2011, Komatsu has been working on massive production reforms at Japanese plants, with an aim to cut down the electric power consumption by half. By adding IIoT to its mining practice, Komatsu plans to dynamically enhance the productivity of the mining operations. Reportedly, Komatsu’s JoySmart Solution is an IIoT-based service that supports customers to improve their machine performance using real-time data & analytics tools. Electric rope shovels, longwall mining systems, continuous miners and wheel loader are some of the equipment that are monitored under Komatsu’s JoySmart solution, cite reports.

Komatsu’s rising efforts and determination in continuously creating new value-based jobsite operations for customers, are certain to mark a shift point in energy, mining, and oil & gas, and industries, as per analysts.

Speaking of Cloudera, the company delivers data security, fast performance, and customer support. With these tech solutions in its pocket, Cloudera is likely to help the mining equipment market giant gain access to machine data analytics and also collaborate with different user groups across the globe, cite experts.

It has further been speculated that the emergence of IIoT, a multi-trillion-dollar business, has led to an outpouring of investments and collaborations to combine industrial technologies and open digital platforms in the energy, mining, and oil & gas industry. Additionally, sources claim that companies under this sector would need to forge on digital platform strategies to further exploit IIoT for numerous industry verticals.