Hawaii witnesses safe cataract surgeries with new ophthalmic device

The healthcare industry in Hawaii has recently witnessed a dynamic change of sorts, with cataract surgery being made easier for patients. Two renowned U.S. based surgeons, Dr. Alan Faulkner and Dr. Tyrie Jenkins, have apparently been involved in making this eye surgery procedure safer at The Surgical Suites, a Hawaii-based ambulatory surgery center. Incidentally, this convenience has been facilitated by means of a new technology launched recently in ophthalmic viscosurgical devices market.

Reportedly, the innovative technology used for cataract surgeries in Hawaii recently is christened miLOOP™. It is a micro-interventional device incorporating a super elastic filament that retains shape memory. Made of Nitinol, that has been used earlier for cardiovascular and radiology procedures, this device had been invented by the renowned ophthalmologist Dr. Sean Ianchulev, a Harvard professor at the New York Eye and Ear, Icahn School of Medicine. In fact, sources state that the device was officially cleared by the FDA just last year, after which it became commercially accessible. Apparently, the device had stirred up quite a storm in ophthalmic viscosurgical devices industry in 2017, post its launch.

As per reports, Dr. Tyrie Jenkins and Dr. Alan Faulkner fall among the first surgeons in the United States to legally gain access to this device and receive training for deploying the same in cataract surgeries. Dr. Jenkins in fact, took the liberty to state that miLOOP™ is rather gentle on the eye, more than the conventional devices used in surgeries. He further stated that he looked forward to using the same to help his patients in Hawaii as well as the ones he caters to in international surgical missions.

For the record, using miLOOP™ enables the procedure to reduce the amount of ultrasonic energy and lower the stress on the eye. It is also touted to have better postoperative results, given its ability to lower the changes of cornea damage. Experts claim that this particular ability of this new technology has led to its instant popularity in ophthalmic viscosurgical devices market.