Ozobot’s updated Evo bot to soon premier in optical sensors market

Ozobot, one of the foremost creators of award-winning robots, has scarcely announced that their patented bot, Evo, has been thoroughly updated and released, embedded with state-of-the-art features. The Evo sku is now a completely modified, app-connected robot that is expected to prove rather beneficial for the optical sensors market, as per experts, given that the updated version has been incorporated with high grade optical sensors. Reportedly, the new version of the bot encompasses several features of its predecessor, even as it has now been incorporated with an upgraded app, an all-new boarding experience inclusive of a game-based award system, and three new added tricks.

Sources claim that the Evo bot is basically the first, one-of-its kind robot that helps learners and even gamers to increase the efficacy level with regards to exploring, connecting, and sharing knowledge at home, in a classroom setting, and even on-the-go. The package is inclusive of high grade proximity and optical sensors, an efficient built-in speaker, and Bluetooth® Smart capability, and reportedly can be commenced merely with the push of a button. Source familiar with the matter have also claimed that the three new added tricks which Ozobot’s latest brainchild is supposed to have incorporated, are called Music, Follow, and Escape. Reports claim that these tricks enable players to create songs and games, while simultaneously encouraging them to equip Evo with new tricks using OzoBlockly programming.

In other news involving the growing optical sensors industry, Synaptics’ Natural ID FS9100 family encompassing under-glass, optical-based, fingerprint authentication solutions have been awarded the CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree. Reportedly, these optical-based fingerprint sensors ensure accurate authentication through a thick cover glass of 1 mm. Sources also claim that the company is presently under the process of sampling its third-gen optical solutions for in-display fingerprint authentication, that may soon debut in optical sensors market.