Wipro-Cisco alliance to perpetually impact outdoor LED display market

Wipro Lighting, a prominent part of the Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting Group, has reportedly announced that it has partnered with Cisco Systems with the intention of providing connected lighting in modern workspaces, by means of using a converged IP network as a part of Cisco digital building solutions. As per reports, the long-term goal of this proposed alliance is to deliver smart lighting to buildings across the country, given that connected lighting solutions have emerged as quite an effective option lately, having been deployed across LED displays and the like. Analysts cite that given the vast expanse of smart lighting, the Cisco-Wipro partnership is certain to have an impact on outdoor LED display industry.

For the uninitiated, Wipro Lighting, that commenced in the year 1992 for manufacturing and commercializing lighting products, had already unveiled its smart lighting solutions at the Cisco Live that was held at Las Vegas this year. The company statement released by its spokespersons claims that Wipro’s initiative through this partnership with Cisco may help save on operating expenditure and energy, even as the alliance would be exploiting the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). Additionally, it has been reported that Wipro’s Lighting Power over Ethernet (e3t)-based lighting is certain to reduce the overall costs of ownership.

Commenting on the alliance, the Managing Director of Cisco India, Daisy Chittilapilly, was quoted stating that lighting is undeniably one of the best ways to bring forth IoT into modern workplaces.

For the record, Wipro Lighting offers wireless network-controlled systems that incorporate control strategies such as daylight harvesting, scheduling, and task tuning in smart lighting solutions, thereby being able to deliver optimized, demand-based lighting, which as per experts is profoundly beneficial for outdoor LED display market. The company website reportedly also states that LED High bays, when combined with wireless controls, can provide savings of up to 90% savings at warehouses and distribution centers.