Recycling scheme AARC to drastically influence printed cartons market

In order to radically transform the end-to-end waste management ecosystem, a total of ten leading Indian companies from numerous business domains have recently co-founded the Action Alliance for Recycling Beverage Cartons (AARC). As per reliable reports, this first-of-its-kind initiative would bring together all the stakeholders including recyclers, waste management firms, scrap dealers, waste pickers, non-governmental organizations across the supply chain.

Reportedly, the alliance currently comprises Parag Milk, Tetra Pak, Schreiber Dynamix Dairies, Dabur India, CavinKare, John Distilleries, Diageo India, Karnataka Milk Federation, Halewood Laboratories, and Radico Khaitan. More firms are anticipated to join the initiative which intends to double the recycling of used cartons from the present figure of 30% to 60% until the year 2025. Given that the alliance majorly consists of food and beverage market players, printed cartons industry outlook is likely to witness a transformative change, claim experts.

Commenting on the initiative, Secretary of Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change, C K Mishra noted in a statement that waste management in the nation can be tackled through a long-term partnership approach, effective policy curation, and proactive implementation. He further added that the government views AARC as a common platform that would facilitate seamless collaboration between NGOs, industry, civil society, and the numerous participants of printed cartons market.

Speaking on behalf of the newly formed alliance, Managing Director of Tetra Pak and Chairman of AARC, Kandarp Singh was quoted stating that the latest initiative would positively impact the lives of millions engaged in waste management trade. He further stated that the alliance would work relentlessly to scale up recycling activities over the forthcoming years.

For the record, the Indian Government has recently introduced the mandate of extended producer responsibility and has also overhauled the Waste Management Rules. Apparently, these developments would profoundly influence the overall printed cartons market in the immediate future, cite industry analysts.