OCBC ramps up regional e-learning market trends with training program

In what has been touted to be one of the largest digital transformation initiatives undertaken by a Singapore financial institution, the OCBC Bank plans to set up a new digital training program. Inclusive of its entire workforce comprising 29,000 employees, the Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited has reportedly embarked on this program to train its staff in exceptional digital skills.As per reports, the project has been officially launched by Yap Aye Wee, the head of learning and development, Group Human Resources, OCBC’s CEO, Samuel Tsien, and head of Group Human Resources, Jason Ho. The bank plans to invest around S$20 million over three years in the OCBC Future Smart Program.

Sources claim that OCBC categorizes the program in seven training domains, namely, technology and data, marketing and communications, leadership in the future world, digital business models and ecosystems, new risks, ‘the way we work’, and customer centricity. The proficiency levels across each domain is measured among four qualification levels. The curriculum comprises close to 6,000 online programs, workshops, speaker sessions, and classroom learning. OCBC expects to deepen the knowledge of its staff in digital competency, aiming to join the bandwagon of companies in the e-learning industry that have been striving to bring about advanced training solutions in the corporate landscape.

Mr. Jason Ho is of the opinion that as new technologies emerge, it becomes pivotal that a strong learning culture is promoted to encourage a mindset that is receptive to learning, unlearning and relearning. He further adds that OCBC hopes to help employees retain this mentality even beyond the workplace, given the crucial role that digitization plays in personal lives.

Experts familiar with the matter deem this initiative to hold substantial significance in the regional e-learning market. For the record, OCBC also plans to adopt a ‘gig’ approach, where employees can consider taking up freelance consulting job opportunities with teams working on digital projects.