Salesforce’s AppExchange forays into enterprise application market

Salesforce, a global leader in CRM enterprise application industry, announced the launch of the all-new, updated AppExchange, that would give customers a faster and smarter way to access its apps.

According to authentic reports, AppExchange is a key component of the Salesforce portfolio, with some 87% of Salesforce customers and around 89% of the Fortune 100 companies currently using the AppExchange apps. For the uninitiated, AppExchange is’s cloud computing platform through which the end users can download, access, and install software apps. Salesforce AppExchange was launched by in 2005, and offers a mix of paid and free apps to the enterprises that encompass a variety of fields including customer service, education, real estate, manufacturing, and small business. Over the years, it has been observed that the AppExchange website evolved from the first public directory of its kind to a “full blown ecosystem” with more than 5 million apps installed to-date.

Apparently, the latest updates in AppExchange, particularly the “Trailhead learning” and personalized recommendation feature linked with customer’s location, profile data, install history and edition, were designed to expand its reach further in the enterprise application market. Moreover, Trailhead, Salesforce’s online learning platform will be inbuilt within Product Collection pages, so that end-users can effectively find educational material relevant to the apps they are looking for.

For the record, Salesforce has an expanded portfolio of lighting apps, components, industry specific solutions, data, and more. Two of most popular apps available of the AppExchange are LinkedIn and Microsoft Outlook.

Significant spending on cloud computing subscriptions have pushed the AppExchange platform to be a leading cloud computing marketplace in enterprise application industry, by delivering more than 4000 solutions that are driving growth across the sectors. Sources reveals that, with the expansion of enterprise application market, Salesforce ecosystem is likely to generate USD 859 billion in the new business revenues and create 3.3 million new jobs across the globe by 2022.