Kamstrup opens new production unit in U.S. smart water metering market

One of the most renowned Danish metering solutions provider, Kamstrup, has recently announced that it plans to open a new water meter production facility in U.S. smart water metering market. Apparently, the company’s new production unit is certain to enable close proximity between the customer and product development, facilitating rapid innovation. Reports state that with this new production unit, the company is also planning to meet the rising demand for its state-of-the-art smart metering solutions, in addition to fulfilling specific customer demands in the region.

In recent years, the commercial & the utility sectors are increasingly realizing the importance of water conservation and are therefore effectively mapping water usage – a trend claimed to be impacting the revenue graph of global smart water metering industry. Several industry analysts speculate Kamstrup’s move of opening a new production facility to have come on the heels of the soaring demand for smart solutions that can measure water and energy with utmost accuracy and efficiency. Having recognized the record-breaking demand for these smart water meters, Kamstrup may have taken the decision to invest heavily in building new facilities and brainstorming new products, cite sources familiar with the matter. For the record, in 2016 Kamstrup won a contract to deliver over 193,000 smart water meters to the city of Antwerp.

For those unfamiliar, Kamstrup is a leading player in the global smart water metering market and has been providing intelligent water & energy metering options to utilities, energy companies, and other sub metering businesses. The company, with its highly efficient & energy saving metering technology has been providing customers with cutting-edge technologies for a long while, to meet their specific demands.

Sources cite that the opening of the facility will take place on February 8, 2018, between 1-3pm in the presence of the Danish Ambassador to the United States, Lars Gert Lose.