Nissan’s initiative enables its entry in solar street lighting market

Automotive giant Nissan has brought forth a new initiative that may ensure its smooth penetration in solar street lighting market. The company has reportedly teamed up with its affiliate firm 4R Energy Corp. to launch an initiative that would use Nissan’s LEAF batteries for off-grid lights as a part of an effort called ‘The Light Reborn’.

As per reliable reports, this new launch is a rather over move for the automaker as it explores opportunities to deploy its EV batteries even after their predetermined shelf life. In this regard, the company has made a conscious effort to enter solar street lighting industry as it has outlined an effective three-point strategy to push itself in the energy storage sphere. Sources familiar with the matter state that Nissan’s official announcement comprises three major pointers that outline its plan of using its expired EV batteries.

One of Nissan’s three strategies is about enabling the charging of mobile phones from a cart in the mall. Speculations are rife that this may just be a trailer to an even major plan – such as addressing the demand for millions whose primary requirement for electricity revolves around mobile charging, especially in remote villages.

Another vital strategy that Nissan has outlined apparently runs along the lines of a huge electricity generator park that would encompass Nissan’s solar battery-powered streetlights. Incidentally, the streetlights will be used to enhance the safety of parks so that they can be used for a longer time. This strategy indeed, is Nissan’s most ambitious one, say analysts, the one that would bring the firm’s position in line with other major players of solar street lighting market.

While Nissan has gone as far as possible with regards to announcing details about its new initiative, it is being speculated that the effort would catapult its position in the automotive industry. Indeed, this initiative will prompt the firm to establish itself amidst companies such as Tesla and BYD that use evolving new energy technologies, claim experts.