China’s ban on foreign waste to impede solid waste management market

In what can be seen as a major turmoil for the global solid waste management industry, China is reportedly all set to implement its ban on foreign plastics and poor-quality cardboard and papers.For the record, China is the biggest processor of recyclable materials in the world.

According to waste management experts, China’s ban on foreign waste is going to hit the major UK and US markets badly, as these regions significantly rely on China for their massive amounts of waste.

Sources reveal that China will stop importing the recyclable waste from early 2018, which includes plastic bottles, mixed paper, and 24 other types of solid waste. According to an investigation by Greenpeace UK, China’s ban on imported plastics has been marked as one of the most debatable move, that has put UK at the risk of environmental pollution, given the lack of capacity of the companies partaking in the regional solid waste management market. For the record, two-thirds of UK’s plastic waste is directed to China for recycling, however, with this latest ban and UK’s inefficiency in processing solid waste, some serious problems of landfill or incineration are on the horizon.

Arguably, some industry analysts cite this ban to be an eye opener for the UK government. As per earlier news, the UK government has been warned time and again by the Recycling Association about the growing need to invest and look into the infrastructure of new recycling plants. Simon Ellin, chief executive of the Recycling Association, said that the poor quality of waste and plastic that is mixed with other materials has led China to no longer accept the foreign garbage.

Considering the overall scenario, the European Commission has been trying to prevent China from actually carrying on the move, while the global solid waste management industry may have to contend with the ambiguity about how exactly China would be rolling out the ban.