Solvay’s UV stabilizers to strengthen POP market product spectrum

Renowned Belgium chemical conglomerate, Solvay S.A., has launched its latest innovation in the stabilization technology portfolio at the 19th SPE TPO Automotive Engineered Polyolefins Conference. Solvay’s contemporary brainchild, christened Cyasorb Cyxtra V9900, is a UV stabilizer that aids reinforced plastics and thermoplastic olefins to meet regulations mandated by governmental bodies to reduce CO2 emissions. Apparently, the new norms have led to a surge in the demand for reinforced plastics from the automotive sector, in order to meet the requirement for lightweight automobiles pertaining to lowering CO2 emissions. In effect, Solvay’s stabilizers have been designed with an aim to enhance TPO performance, inherently propelling plating on plastics industry trends.

For the uninitiated, Solvay’s next-gen Cyasorb Cyxtra V9900 stabilizer liberally meets all the specifications of automotive UV weathering. Additionally, the product is also endowed with properties that would fulfill essential requirements of the automotive domain, such as low odors, low fogging, low VOC emissions, lower ‘cost-to-stabilize’ benefit, and reduced interference with paint adhesion.

Most stabilizers that have been commercially sold today offer a certain level of plastic protection, however, Solvay’s Cyasorb Cyxtra V9900 offers the perfect balance of cost efficiency and processing in addition to providing an elevated level of performance durability.

Another deal that the plating on plastics market witnessed recently is that of Nexeo Solutions, Inc., partnering with Ascend Performance Materials for distributing the latter’s polyamide 66 injection molding resins and compounds across Europe. Shawn Williams, the Senior VP of Plastics at Nexeo Solutions, was quoted stating that the company’s agreement with Ascend would enable its consumers to tap a widespread range of engineering materials. Nexeo’s partnership with Ascend, as per experts, would strengthen the former’s already compelling position in plating on plastics market, given that both the companies aim to address the unique challenges of the plastics domain and its end-use application sectors.