SWD Urethane’s Quik-Shield to debut in construction sealants market

SWD Urethane, a renowned manufacturer of spray polyurethane foam (SPF), has recently unveiled a brand-new product in the construction sealants market known as the Quik-Shield 108YM. Popularly nicknamed as the ‘Yield Monster’, this next generation industry-leading foam technology in Quik-Shield reportedly features three properties that make it so desirable, namely, unbreakable performance, ultra-lift technology, and long-range application.

Reports claim that the use of the new Yield Monster has reduced the installation time for Spray Foam Contractors by 50% and is thus voted to be a perfect product for insulation in both commercial as well as residential construction projects.

Sources reveal that SWD’s Quik-Shield is bound to gain unprecedented demand in construction sealants industry, owing to its unique material properties. For the record, the new SPF has very low density reaching almost 0.36 lbs per cubic foot, while maintaining a high R-value of 3.6 per inch. The characteristics, apparently, have enabled Quik-Shield’s already impressive yield to further boost its efficiency by 10%. Such product innovations by leading players, according to the industry experts, are expected to favor the growth prospects of worldwide construction sealants market.

SWD’s product breakthrough, according to analysts, is set to revolutionize the construction business sphere, as the product is engineered to maximize the top four factors on a jobsite: Efficiency, Yield, Quality, and Safety. These four important factors, as per sources, are combined to reduce labor, overhead costs, material, and cost of installation.

For the record, the U.S. based SWD Urethane is a world leader and supplier of spray polyurethane foam, and encompasses a portfolio of more than 100 types of polyuria coatings and polyurethane foams. The company marks its entry into the construction sealants industry back in 1972, and has been one of the fastest growing SPF suppliers since then. Over the span of two years (2014-2016) the company has also helped several contractors win 26 of 60 SPFA Industry Excellence Awards.