Transformer market giant Mitsubishi Electric wins contract from SNCF

The SNCF, i.e., the Société nationale des chemins de fer français, national state-owned railway company in France, has reportedly awarded a contract to Mitsubishi Electric Corporation., one of the most prominent players partaking in transformer market share. The contract entails the supply of prototype traction transformers for the Z2N, double-deck, electric multiple-units deployed on the Siemens Avanto tram-trains, route T4 as well as the Paris commuter services, by Mitsubishi.

For the uninitiated, Mitsubishi Electric is a Japanese electronics component manufacturing company, headquartered in Tokyo, with a healthy share in the overall transformer industry. Post winning this contract from SNCF, Mitsubishi Electric has garnered the title of the first Japanese company to be officially certified by the SNCF as a propulsion systems supplier.

As per a company statement, this tram-train transformer would apparently be the first one of many applications of a traction transformer (the air cooling type) on the automobile roof, which would offer a reduced noise level capacity of close to 13 dB. Reportedly, this would be achieved by excluding the presence of the cooling fan, which incidentally would lead to accomplishing savings of nearly 50 percent, when placed in comparison with the earlier equipment. Furthermore, it has been reported that the need to regularly change the insulator oil would effectively be mitigated, on account of the presence of the constant-pressure bellows seals. The overall transformer system will also help reduce maintenance costs, cite sources.

Some of the top-notch executives of Mitsubishi were quoted stating that this prototype traction transformer for the Z2N is low weight, i.e., it weighs around 400 kg lesser than the ones that are currently installed. Reportedly, this lightweight characteristic can be attributed to the product’s aluminum winding cables, which plausibly also offer a high grade of efficiency. Experts state that given its outstanding benefits, this prototype is slated to have a grand launch in transformer market.

For the record, the prototype transformers that Mitsubishi would be manufacturing are ideally scheduled to be delivered somewhere in the month of February and December in 2018.