DJI’s decision to use highly tech-driven drones may reshape UAV market

DJI Innovations, one of the most prominent and highly reputed civilian drone manufacturers partaking in commercial drone market, has recently declared its decision of deploying rather advanced technologies in upcoming drones that would, in effect, massively improve the overall efficiency in agricultural production. Having pegged the title of being the global leader in UAV industry and civilian drone market, this Shenzhen headquartered company now aims to bring about a revolution in the agricultural business space with the launch of its upcoming range of drones.

As per authentic reports, Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has now launched the MG-1P and MG-1S Advanced, two all-new drones specifically designed for agricultural activities, along the likes of spraying pesticide on crops and more. One of employees at DJI has been quoted stating that all these advanced technologies have been developed internally.

Chen Tao, sales manager at DJI Innovations, has stated that the cost of the MG-1P can be easily recovered in a mere 18 days, while the MG-1S Advanced, priced at close to USD 4,560 (roughly around CNY 30,000), can be recovered post 21.75 days of usage. Tao is also apparently of the opinion that these figures demonstrate that the deployment of advanced technologies has been remnant in previous models. Reliable reports validating the aforementioned fact state that the MG-1S Advanced, for instance, is essentially a highly updated version of the MS-1S, and is endowed with a second-generation radar that increases the drone’s sensing ability to twice the value of its predecessor, in addition to enhancing the drone’s capabilities to detect various terrains. Experts claim that both these products are certain to stir up a storm in the regional commercial drone industry.

For the record, DJI has also concurrently declared the launch of a unique online agricultural service platform, which would be suitably designed to enable users to program drone operation routes and drone maintenance. Through the introduction of this platform, say experts, DJI is on its way to strengthen its position of authority in UAV market.