UDRI to sign an aerospace coatings contract with U.S. Air Force

The University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI), the professional research arm of Dayton University has reportedly been awarded a contract worth USD 1.5 million. If sources are to be believed, this contract would deem the institute suitable to evaluate and deliver advanced aerospace coatings for turbine engine parts that could perpetually increase aircraft fuel efficiency and reduce costs to a great extent. While UDRI’s contribution in the research, development and expertise in nonmetallic metals is not unheard of, the deal is claimed to be one of the major research contracts in aerospace coatings market.

As per earlier reports, this 1.5-million-dollar contract stems from a seven-year agreement worth more than USD 40 million, signed by the United States Air Force department in the third quarter of 2017, targeting energy efficient and environmentally viable technologies for Air Force equipment.

For the uninitiated, turbine engines are prone to environmental exposure for prolonged period, which in consequence would result in degradation of components, leaving a direct impact on fuel consumption and efficiency. In a bid to limit this environmentally induced damage and corrosion in turbine compressor parts, scholars of UDRI, through this deal, plan to work collectively to develop advanced coatings that would maintain engine performance and airfoil surface quality. Experts claim that UDRI’s contribution falls among one of the most noteworthy events that aerospace coatings industry has lately been witnessing.

For the record, The University of Dayton claims its research project to increase by 10% this year, from what it recorded in 2016 fiscal year. In fact, UD projects its sponsored research program valuation to increase from USD 117.6 million to USD 130 million over the period 2016-2017. It may be quite plausible that the U.S. Air Force may have signed this lucrative agreement with this much admired academia after having identified the potential influence of UD’s innovative product portfolio in aerospace coatings market.