QuegenBiotech’s beta-glucan unit to spur U.S. dietary fibers market

The globally acclaimed fermentation firm, QuegenBiotech, has apparently declared its plan of setting up a new unit in the United States. The decision may have been taken in a bid to exploit the maximum opportunities of beta-glucan products in the regional dietary fibers market, claim analysts.

For the uninitiated, beta-glucans are mainly glucose polysaccharides found in the cell walls of bacteria, fungi, and have proven to be a viable alternative in the treatment of cancer and diabetes. QuegenBiotech, through this deal, is planning to introduce beta-glucan based oncology drugs, hangover pills, and dermal fillers in the U.S. market, as per an article published by The Investor.

The South Korea based bio material manufacturer has been minutely involved in the dietary fibers industry since half a decade. A few years back, in the year 2013, QuegenBiotech made it to the headlines with the launch of its innovative beta-glucan hydrogel, that reportedly proved to be transformative in dermatological health. Specially designed without adding any chemical cross linkers, this groundbreaking technology, for the records, received patents across major countries such as Korea, China, Japan, and U.S.

QuegenBiotech’s latest decision of setting up a new beta-glucan unit in U.S., as per experts, comes on the heels of the company’s success with its beta-based products in the regional market, since the last few years. In this regard, one of the spokespersons of QuegenBiotech, has been quoted saying that the firm had earlier received tremendous positive response of sorts while promoting its patent beta glucan hydrogel and other beta glucan-based products at the JP Morgan Convention Bio Showcase. In consequence, analysts also claim beta-glucan to be one of the most revolutionary products in U.S. dietary fibers market.

Allegedly, QuegenBiotech is presently focusing on targeted immunotherapy with its ongoing research on mRNA-based beta glucan and vaccines, as per the official confirmation by the organization.