Nutra-EuroAmerican partnership to stimulate U.S. OTC drugs market

A recent event witnessed by the stalwarts of over-the-counter drugs market, is the partnership between Nutra Pharma & EuroAmerican to distribute the OTC drug – Nyloxin Topical Gel, through the FSS (Federal Supply Schedule).

For the record, Nutra Pharma Corp., is a biotechnology company offering drug products for the treatment of pain under the brand name Pet Pain-Away and Nyloxin in over-the-counter drugs market. EuroAmerican IP, on the other hand, is a small business that functions as a medical supply distributor and provides the government facilities and various other industries with a line of products within the health, medical, and outdoor arenas.

According to industry experts, Nutra’s partnership with EuroAmerican IP will enable the company to effectively distribute products to various governmental agencies and health departments. Rik J Deitsch, CEO of Nutra Pharma, was further quoted saying that the plan behind this partnership is to actively commence the marketing of Nyloxin Topical Gel through the GSA Advantage to agencies which will also include the Department of Veterans Affairs.  It has been reported that Nutra’s Nyloxin is a non-addictive, and non-narcotic homeopathic pain reliever that has been clinically proven to treat moderate to severe levels of chronic pain. It needs to be remembered that its usage does not exactly impair cognitive function, like NSAIDS do. Analysts speculate that a significant rise in consumer appetite for self-medication and the need of the hour to curb healthcare costs have been primary factors driving OTC drugs industry.

Reports put forth by the U.S. Department of Defense depict that there has been significant increase in the use and abuse of the prescription medications particularly, opioid and acetaminophen-based pain relievers. In context, Nutra company spokespersons cite that the firm’s OTC drug Nyloxin has a well certified safety portfolio and is a much better substitute that does not rely on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and opiates.