Plantagon’s plantscrapers to debut in vertical farming market by 2020

Plantagon International AB, a Sweden-based company, has grabbed the headlines this week for its unique proposal of a creative farming solution called ‘plantscrapers’, that would apparently make for a wonderful innovation in vertical farming market. As per reports, Plantagon’s creative notion stems from the rising population and subsequently decreasing resources across the globe. Through plantscrapers, Plantagon aims to fortify office buildings with sufficient vegetable farming that would help to feed thousands every year.

For the record, the company was founded in the year 2008, post which Plantagon purchased the exclusive rights for a vertical greenhouse from a Swedish organic farming innovator. The concept involved a rack transport system that gradually shifts planting boxes from the floor to the ceiling of a vertical greenhouse, without the necessity for artificial light – an innovative design which experts claim would transform the dynamics of vertical farming industry.

The first plantscraper that Plantagon aims to bring forth is apparently called the World Food Building, and it has been designed appropriately to manufacture around 550 tons of vegetables on a yearly basis, sufficient enough to feed a populace of 5000. Reportedly, even all the produce would be grown in a nutrient-rich, water-based environment. Furthermore, the out-of-the-box plantscraper would be making use of leading-edge automation tools for harvest produce and plant maintenance, posing quite a challenge to other vertical farming market players. Sources cite that the first building that would incorporate plantscrapers is currently under construction in Linköping, Sweden. The investment for the same, as reported by the authentic personnel, is close to USD 40 million, and the 16-story behemoth is slated for 2020 release.

As per the latest reports, Plantagon is currently amidst discussions to develop plantscrapers of a similar kind in the United States, Shanghai, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Experts are of the opinion that Plantagon’s creative solution is likely to trigger the beginnings of a massive upheaval in vertical farming market, that would ultimately affect global food production and distribution in the forthcoming years.