FCC’s approval for Energous’s device to spur wireless charging market

For the first time in the history of sustainable and smart technology industry, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved a new type of wireless charging system that will power up batteries as far as three feet away. Reportedly, a wireless charging market giant, Energous, has received the approval from the FCC for its at-a-distance wireless technology.

For the uninitiated, Energous’s at-a-distance wireless technology is basically a wireless charging system that uses radio frequencies to charge the devices that are within the range of 3 feet. However, though claimed as wireless, this technology would be required to be outfitted with a receiver to receive the converted radio frequencies for charging the devices.

As the wireless charging systems continue to expand, experts cite that, the FCC’s approval will eventually play a key role in inflating wireless charging industry share. Moreover, with FCC’s expert engineering and other staff interpreting existing rules in the light of new technologies, analysts speculate that the costs and product portfolio of wireless charging market would undergo a major change. In essence, it wouldn’t be wrong to expect new technologies that would be faster and much less expensive. This significantly ushers in a new era of wireless charging for more number of devices including smartphones, fitness trackers, smartwatches, earbuds, tablets, and smart speakers.

Arguably, experts cite that the current wireless charging technology isn’t really wireless, because of the fact that one still needs to plug the phone on the wireless charging mat, which somehow negates the whole point of wireless charging. However, with FCC’s approval for Energous’s at-a-distance wireless technology, industry analysts anticipate that the present technology is getting closer to the “actual concept” of wireless charging.

In the meantime, reports state that Energous will give a display of its new technology at CES 2018.