Xiaomi forms alliance with Microsoft to develop AI-driven smartphones

Xiaomi Inc., a China based electronics & software firm, and Microsoft Corporation, a U.S. based tech giant, have reportedly signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) for the manufacturing of smartphones and AI-powered budget speakers. As per the terms & conditions of the agreement, both the firms will work thoroughly in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and hardware technologies. Microsoft has even granted permission to the Chinese firm to use its cloud computing products such as Azure for enhancing the operational efficiency of laptops, smart equipment, and mobiles.

Microsoft’s association with Xiaomi will reportedly help the firm extend its presence across the China electronics market. Conversely, Microsoft’s dominant cloud computing & artificial intelligence technologies are expected to provide impetus to Xiaomi business. Some of Xiaomi’s key executives in fact, claim that the firm may even plan to blend the operations of Microsoft Cortana, a virtual assistant designed by Microsoft for Windows 10, with Xiaomi’s voice-controlled Mi AI speaker.

Reliable sources state that both Xiaomi and Microsoft are apparently discussing about collaborating over various other projects that will utilize the U.S. tech giant’s AI technology, including conversational AI & speech and its services such as Skype, Bing, and Edge. For the record, Xiaomi and Microsoft have also formed an alliance in the past. According to Geospatial World , in 2016, the Chinese electronics giant started the pre-installation of Skype and Microsoft Office into its mobiles and tablets. It has further been reported that for expanding its business across the globe, Xiaomi had purchased nearly 1500 tech patents from Microsoft Corporation.

Earlier in 2015, Microsoft and Xiaomi had signed an agreement to test Windows 10 on Xiaomi equipment. Industry analysts have claimed that Xiaomi’s current deal with Microsoft will thus help the firm further upscale its reach in the smartphone industry.

Incidentally, last year, Xiaomi was the fifth most reputed global smartphone company succeeding Apple, Huawei, and Samsung.