Blueberries Medical and IRCCMH to develop medical education programs

Blueberries Medical Corp, a Latin American licensed manufacturer of medicinal cannabis and cannabis-based products has reportedly entered into a joint venture agreement with the International Research Center on Cannabis and Mental Health (IRCCMH) for product formulation and the development of medical education programs for patients and physicians in Latin America.

Dr. Patricio Stocker, Chief Executive Officer of Blueberries Medical, mentioned in a statement that the agreement with IRCCMH presents an exceptional opportunity for Blueberries to benefit from IRCCMH’s deep sector expertise to educate physicians and design medical treatments for the Latin American market and beyond. Stocker further mentioned that as regulations pertaining to cannabis evolve globally, awareness and education are paramount for its acceptance and the establishment of early mover benefits.

According to sources familiar with the development, IRCCMH will use its background and expertise for developing Blueberries’ commercial and educational programs. IRCCMH and Blueberries medical are collectively developing a treatment-centric medical education program created to assist physicians in recommending treatment plans involving cannabis to patients in Latin America, cited sources.

A comprehensive patient and physician education program will be the basis of Blueberries’ growth strategy, placing Blueberries as an early leader in the medicinal cannabis market of Latin America.

In the beginning, the initiative will be rolled out through Blueberries Medical’s formerly declared partnership with Bogota’s El Manantial Medical Centers which will offer the platform, resources, patients, and expertise required to introduce the program and commercialize the products and formulations developed via the collaboration with IRCCMH. Furthermore, Blueberries is currently extending its patient & physician network, reiterating the El Manantial Medical Center model with other institutions, physicians, and medical associations, cited credible sources.

Besides developing excellent educational programs for physicians and patients in Latin America, accessibility to IRCCMH´s team of specialists will enable faster product development and produce appropriate formulations and product standardization to fast-track commercialization of Blueberries’ medicinal cannabis products, preliminarily through El Manantial Medical Center’s fast-growing patient base and through firm’s other strategic arrangements, reported sources.