Liquid Software company JFrog Inc. has reportedly inked a partnership with SB C&S Corp., a SoftBank Group company. The objective behind this deal was to deliver its DevOps platform and help consumers in Japan launch software in a secure and fast manner from development to the edge.

Shlomi Ben Haim, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of JFrog has commented that the company is excited to collaborate with SoftBank to expedite the adoption of DevOps in Japan. This collaboration will serve as a catalyst in a world where every firm becomes a DevOps company.

Ben Haim added that companies are developing and launching more software to stay ahead of their competition. Software needs constant updates, which is only achievable with safe binary edge deployment. The combination of the expertise of SoftBank and JFrog’s Platform will bolster the adoption of DevOps along with cloud-native operations in Japan, said Ben Haim.

The end-to-end, hybrid, and universal DevOps Platform from JFrog powers more than 6,000 firms across the world, including a majority of the Fortune 100 list. The Platform solves issues found in crucial pieces of the DevOps supply chain like the safe storage, management, security, and distribution of all forms of software packages i.e. artifacts or binaries.

Along with this, the collection of important metrics, provision of actionable information as well as correlation of key metrics across various systems will enhance release cycles and software updates.

The JFrog Platform operates in SaaS, self-hosted, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments across Google Cloud, Azure, or AWS, offering the assurance that releases are tested and safeguarded as they shift to production environments.

Mr. Kazuya Kusakawa, the Executive Vice President, Board Director, Head of ICT Business Unit at SB C&S Corp, mentioned that the company has swiftly identified the advantages of DevOps and has welcomed the beginning of a new collaboration with JFrog Japan Co. Ltd.

Kusakawa added that the company has been endorsing DevOps since 2017 and has witnessed great value in collaborating with a leading platform like JFrog.