Turdoza’s sales to impact healthcare & medical devices market growth

AstraZeneca, the UK-based healthcare & medical devices industry player, has made it to the headlines for deciding to file for the inclusion of trial data to expand the marketing scope for Turdoza. Apparently, this decision of the healthcare giant borders along the heels of having received good data from one of Turdoza’s post-launch studies.

For the uninitiated, Circassia Pharma PLC and Astrazeneca had joined forces earlier to launch the Turdoza inhaler in asthma and COPD market for patients afflicted with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). During the ASCENT phase IV testing study, 3,600 patients suffering from moderate to very severe COPD were analyzed, and their cardiovascular risk factors were suitably documented. Reportedly, the study demonstrated that Turdoza, when adopted in line with background therapy, substantially reduces exacerbation rates in patients suffering from cardiovascular disorders or any other related risks and further adds to the efficacy of aclidinium bromide. It was also subsequently revealed that the drug lowered the rate of coughing, breathing problems, and other exacerbations, which medical experts claim would lead to a better outcome for patients afflicted with cardiovascular disease. In consequence, experts state that Turdoza is certain to have a commendable impact on the product landscape of asthma and COPD industry.

For the record, earlier in 2017, AstraZeneca and Circassia had also reported the success of a Phase III trial for Dualkir, another appreciable innovation in asthma and COPD industry, which if inhaled twice on an everyday basis, would commendably improve breathing in patients suffering from moderate to severe COPD.

While AstraZeneca is responsible for conducting clinical studies related to Turdoza, Circassia holds responsibility for marketing the inhaler in the United States. Post AstraZeneca’s announcement of wanting to expand the marketing scope of Turdoza, the shares of the healthcare & medical devices industry player in afternoon trading rose by 0.7% at 4,798.50p, while Circassia shares were nearly 5% higher at 105.75p.