Healthcare & medical devices market witnesses Philips-Digirad deal

Philips North America LLC has recently reported that it has inked a definitive buying contract with Digirad’s MDSS (medical device sales and services) business vertical. According to reports, the total consideration under the agreement is around USD 8 million (GBP 5.9 million), while the deal is expected to close by the end of January 2018.

For the record, the MDSS business unit of Digirad provides the US healthcare & medical devices market with maintenance services of the large size diagnostic imaging equipment from Philips. Sources reveal that, Digirad has agreed to sell its medical device sales and services unit to Phillips in order to be able to better focus on its key business of delivering mobile diagnostic healthcare solutions for the patients. For the uninitiated, Digirad is one of the leading players of the healthcare & medical devices industry with diverse portfolio inclusive of diagnostic imaging equipment, mobile healthcare solutions, and imaging centers through the United States.

Matt Molchan, the President and CEO of Digirad was quoted citing that after evaluating for last few months, Digirad’s MDSS business was found best suited in the hands of Philips. The CEO further stated that the economics and outcomes of this agreement have been evaluated to be quite satisfactory and will further prompt Digirad to concentrate on its core business of providing mobile diagnostic health care solutions.

Speculating on the impact of the strategic transaction of the duo, industry experts foresee the deal to be in support of providing exceptional patient care and adapting to the rapidly changing demographics of the global healthcare & medical devices industry.

In the meantime, Philips and Digirad will be extending their prior combined service agreement of providing warranty services and installations to the upper Midwest area of the US until the end of this month, cite reliable sources.