California’s LEED-certified renovation houses energy efficient windows

One of the most sought-after mixed-use properties in Hollywood, California, the Columbia Square has reportedly undergone a major renovation that essentially deployed LG Electronics’ coveted HVAC technologies. If reports are to be believed, this renovation has been certified by LEED, enumerating the degree of energy efficacy in the construction. It has in fact, also been predicted that this renovation marks a vital precedent in the regional energy efficient windows market landscape.

For the record, the Columbia Square, that served as the Hollywood headquarters for CBS, was first constructed in 1938, and was initially the focal point of CBS’s original LA television and radio stations and CBS Radio Network’s facilities on the West Coast. A renovation of this scale, incorporated with energy saving components, is likely to be the talk of the town, cite analysts, while marginally impacting the regional energy efficient windows industry.

As per reports, this mixed-use project required an effective HVAC system that would be able to encompass a high degree of flexibility for a shell & core fit-out, and a rather cost-effective as well as energy-efficient platform. The renovation team was apparently on the lookout for a system with minimal maintenance, reliability, efficiency, and configurability. It has been reported that an LG VRF system had been chosen to support the structure’s myriad glass windows, while simultaneously providing high energy efficiency, which has enabled the structure to accomplish the coveted LEED Gold certification.

Sources claim that the LG Multi V™ VRF system apparently satisfied all the criterial required by the Columbia Square, at almost the same price a conventional system would demand. Authentic reports claim that Columbia Square now has a highly reliable HVAC system that delivers individualized comfort and completely fulfills the energy efficiency parameter, thus setting an example for minority players in energy efficient windows market.

In other news, LG Air Conditioning Technologies announced the addition of LG RED (Reliable to Extreme Degrees) heating technology, which experts say would mark another precedent in energy efficient windows market, as this technology also delivers heat while fulfilling the energy efficacy parameter.